Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I’m Inga, a 31-years-old Lithuanian living in London.

An ex digital advertising specialist who took a leap of faith to pursue my passion for yoga & sharing it with others.

...And I'm an avid climber too! 


Bit of background: my love for yoga has grown gradually over the years. Like many others nowadays, I started practising through online tutorials. Having heard about its many benefits, but also fascinated by the incredible things others were doing with their bodies, I began practising whilst at university.

My previous experience as a dancer (think modern dance and go-go) - while leaving me with some embarrassing memories and photos - got me hooked fairly quickly on the physical aspect and intrigued to see where it can take me. 
​However what started as a way to stay active at university grew into something bigger and deeper. 
Reflecting on my journey now, I can see that it was in the moments of difficulty and challenge, that I would find myself turning back to yoga for the sense of release, balance and inner connection that it would bring me. 
Unsurprisingly, the fast pace of London life offered plenty of reasons to roll out my mat and intensify my practice. Over time yoga became not just a tool to balance busy life schedule, but a true passion I had to do something about. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself on an India-bound plane on the way to becoming a yoga teacher.


I qualified as an Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow teacher, and aside from the mere paper certificate, I came back with incredible memories and a practice improved beyond my expectations. More importantly however, I came back with a deeper understanding of the guiding philosophy behind yoga and the most valuable gifts of all – meditation.

I realised that you cannot achieve a balance between your mind, body, and soul with just one retreat, one holiday, or by living for the weekend. It takes commitment, consistency, and dedication to change your experience of the world and live a happier life, day by day.

This is why yoga isn’t just a sport or exercise for me, limited to asanas on a mat. It’s a way of life which helps you stay grounded, put things into perspective, and to focus on the here & now. 


So, this is me - continuing my journey to live a full and happy life, wanting to share how yoga and mindfulness have helped me so that in turn I can help others who may be going through similar challenges – feeling stressed, anxious, or simply wanting to reconnect with their bodies and touch their toes.

Spoiler alert: if practised consistently, the intangible benefits of yoga will most likely spill over from the mat into other areas of your life. Just like it did for me. 

There is no good or bad time, no right or wrong reason to practise yoga. You don’t have to be going through a tough time or be a happy flexible hippy to benefit from it.

It’s a personal journey, reconnecting with what is already within you, bringing you closer to your true nature and full potential. Wherever you are in life, you are in the perfect place to give yourself the gift of yoga!