Head this way*

Headstand Online Workshop

Monday, 31st August

18:30-20:00 London Time


If you have been to my classes, you might have noticed that we don't often practise headstands.

And it's not because I don't like it! Rather the opposite - I remember just how much I was impressed by headstands when I first started practising yoga and how much I tried it by myself having very little idea how to do it.

While it tends to be one of the most accessible inversions in yoga, it's also one where it matters  the most that we do it safely. 

And in this workshop it's exactly what we will do! To teach it safely and to practise it safely we will take our sweet time and get into the dos and don'ts, understand how we should distribute our weight, how we get into the posture, and most importantly how to make sure our neck stays protected.


In this 90 minutes workshop we will:

  • Move through a warm up vinyasa flow

  • Talk anatomy and alignment

  • Practise headstand drills and key techniques to build strength and control for our practise

  • Try out different headstand variations


I'm very excited for you to join me! There's something very special and badass about inversions - yes, they look cool on Instagram, but they also have that ability to pull you back into the body and the present moment, to keep you focused and engaged, and literally make you see things from a different perspective. I've centered myself many a time with a long headstand, and I hope it can become part of your practise and toolbox too 🧡


* Not suitable if you are completely new to yoga

* Not worth the risk if you have any neck injuries (practise a forearm stand or handstand instead!)


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You will receive an email reminder one day before the workshop and a Zoom link to join the video one hour before the workshop. Please email if you would have any questions! 

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Thank you for submitting! Looking forward to greeting you on the mat and having fun getting upside down! 


Head this way - Headstand Online Workshop

31st August, Monday, 18:30-20:00 London Time


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