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Too often we may think that yoga = flexibility, or that flexibility is a prerequisite for doing yoga, or that the more bendy we are or become the better we are at yoga.


But yoga is about balance and when we practise for a long time, our natural or developed flexibility can start turning against us, making us more prone to injury and feeling pain during or after our practice.

This bundle is for building strength through yoga, for moving with control and engagement, for making our practice nourishing, enjoyable and sustainable in the long run. Who else wants to continue practising into our late 90s?!


It's a perfect series if you enjoy yoga-inspired workouts, if flexibility comes much easier to you than strength, and perhaps if yoga is the main way you get your exercise from. We'll bring more balance to the mix and build more strength.


In this bundle you will find

4x 35-55 minutes practices targeting the upper & lower body, core and a full body flow,  + pose breakdowns and alignment tips to help you feel stronger in foundational yoga poses.

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Enjoy getting strong, yogi! 🤍



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