• Inga

5 questions to release anxiety

I am no stranger to anxiety even without a global pandemic, but what made it harder when I first experienced it was how little I knew about it and how much stigma there was to talk about mental health. I'm glad things are changing and that we're starting to recognise being vulnerable is what makes us stronger - not weaker - and that vulnerability is where we find a deeper connection with each other.

My number one strategy for managing anxiety is to not resist it when it arises - the more we want to escape the feelings and sensations it brings, the stronger they get. But staying with ourselves and our feelings when we feel anxious can be the last thing we want to do, so I wanted to share with you this very practical exercise (credit to Dr. Rangan Chatterjee) I've come across that can help you ride out that wave.

When you're feeling anxious or caught up in overthinking, ask yourself these 5 questions and see how it makes you feel:

1. What's one thing I'm anxious about today?

2. What's one practical thing I could do to prevent or prepare for it?

3. What's one reason it's probably not going to be as bad as I think it is?

4. What's one reason I know I can probably handle it?

5. What's one upside of the situation?

Give this is a go and explore for yourself if the anxiety you feel doesn't lessen when you stop resisting, but start facing it and accepting its presence accepting its presence 🧡