• Inga

New Year - Same, beautiful You ❤️

I’m not a big fan of jumping on the new year resolutions train and feeling that somehow January has to be the time where you must reinvent yourself, drastically change your diet or fitness, your work or personal life. As if you’re on a timeline and there’s urgency to get yourself ‘together’. Often all at once, and often stemming from a place of lack and a belief that how you ARE or what you HAVE now is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

It’s brilliant if those goals and strict targets help us stay motivated and inspired, and bring in a positive and sustainable change to our lives.

It’s not so great if they become a harsh standard we can’t keep up with and which leaves us feeling worse than if we haven’t taken it in the first place.

That said, the turn of the year, the turn of the decade, does play on our minds. We compare where we were last year this time, we get hopeful where we want to be by summer or the end of this year. We’re drawn to bookmark the new beginning by trying new things and inviting a change.

And so as if by accident, I stumbled upon Christine Kane’s website and found her brilliant idea to set a One Word Resolution - simply choosing a word and letting it guide you into action through the year.

The word can be truly anything, but the way I like to think of it, it should be something that’s already within you, an innate quality or value that you would like to feel more of, be guided more by and simply be more of in the new year.

Maybe it could be balance, peace, courage, clarity, (self-)compassion, love, trust, forgiveness, confidence, release, acceptance, gratitude, kindness, or patience... maybe something else?

Christine gives many more examples and explains the approach in more detail on her website - do check it out and get inspired! It might surprise you how YOUR word may jump out as you read through, or maybe you'll find a word that represents a resolution you may already have.

But once you have your word, hold on to it and let it become a source of guidance, encouragement and direction through the year ❤️