• Inga

Stress Bucket - Keep It From Overflowing

If you're not familiar with the bucket analogy when it comes to stress tolerance, I invite you to check out this short video.

It's helpful to keep an eye on what stresses us and manage it where we can, but stress is a part of life. To be human is to go through change, ride the ups and downs of life, to experience loss. These past 18 months have shown us that life can turn upside down over night and a lot will always be out of our control.

Trying to avoid stress is impossible and can ironically lead to more stress - you know that feeling when you're stressed about being stressed, or feeling bad about feeling bad, not sleeping because you're worrying that you're not sleeping? As the saying goes what we resist, persists.

Stress management and expanding our tolerance to stress is all about changing our relationship to it and having the tools and coping strategies that help us release it, process it, channel it. As in the bucket analogy - we can't stop the water from pouring into our bucket, but we need little taps to drain it out.

I hope this video inspires you to check in with yourself, take a look at the water in your bucket and encourages you to find and open the taps that keep it from overflowing.

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